I am helping executives live a stress-free, productive life, by coaching them to organize and simplify their chaotic life, and learn which are the few important decisions they need to make, that have the greatest impact in their projects. Simply put, I bring back the order and harmony that they lost somewhere across their career path.You see, as a past executive myself, I am well aware of their day-to-day challenges executives face, often responsible in making multibillion dollar project decisions; I used to stress over trying to make every decision that was thrown at me, and working long hours, wondering whether I was helping my company or slowing things down; that also kept me away from spending precious time with my family and doing the things I truly enjoy.That pain drove me to demystify the job of the project executive, and learned how to stop reacting to all the confusing “noise”, and focus only on the critical 20% of the activities that creates the 80% of the results. And now in my coaching, I help executives focus on the important decisions they need to be making, and on the few simplified critical processes and tools they only need to know to best support and lead their project teams.