Coaching Project Leaders

Over my 30 years of coaching project owners and project sponsors, I found out that many of the projects and organizations of some of the brightest and highly visionary leaders were wasting serious money, and were suffering bad reputation from delivering underperforming projects, completing over budget and consistently late.

Soon after I’d start working with these project executives, it was obvious what the problem was.  These otherwise exceptional leaders were never taught what their roles as project sponsors are, and didn’t possess the basic project management knowledge and skills to give the proper direction and support needed to their project teams and project managers.  Even worse, they were often pointing them in the wrong direction, which was leading them to sure failure.

Now, when I start coaching clients, the simplest advice I can give to any company that is plagued with underperforming projects, is; to “turn around your project performance and 10X your project success – coach your project sponsors!”.

In my coaching I use the step-by-step system that I have developed and refined over the years to show the project sponsors the 20% of the essential skills and Project Management knowledge they need to have in order to create the 80% of the impact in their projects and companies.  Some of these skills are, the few critical decisions they need to be making, what are their expectations of the project team, what and how to communicate to their teams and how to best support them and motivate them without getting in their way. This has been allowing them to improve profitability and create Award-Winning projects and many millions in savings.

Coaching Project Managers and Project Teams

Concurrent with the Project Executives, I coach the Project Managers and Teams, to ensure they are all aligned and they “speak the same language”.  My aim with the Project Managers and Team members is to develop lasting sustainable capabilities with measurable improvements, so that they have the skill to tackle similar future challenges on their own.

With the support of my extended coaching team, I have available project experts who can swiftly come in and develop project management systems and Project Management Offices, as well as provide the resources to plan, implement and support any project successfully.